Creative Writing Project, Summer 1999

Two seminars at the University of Siegen pooled their resources during the summer semester 1999 to add this Creative Writing site to the English Department homepage. Students of the "Creative Writing and Vocabulary Building" course and the "General Language Course II" wrote poems, prose, and sketches on such topics as Paul McCartney paintings and the University, the texts arising from writing exercises and field trips. The haiku, a 3-line Japanese poetic form, proved to be the class favorite. You'll find haiku poems (first line five syllables, second line 7, third line 5) about everything from McCartney to Macbeth!

Browse through our site and let us know which texts you enjoy most. Why not send us a poem of your own?!

Webmasters: Michaela Malich and Sascha Lecher

For Paul McCartney paintings info see

Look forward to FB 3's Contemporary Writers' Forum homepage (completion date December 1999) documenting the 9 forums which have taken place during the past several years!