John Hartley Williams

poet from the UK
SoSe 99

Frau Walenta
John Hartley Williams
Frau Walenta with John Hartley Williams


If you are between the ages of nought & a hundred
If you can smile while being hanged
If you have weddings beneath yr eyes
If you will let me undo the buttonless room of yr overcoat
If you will admit me to the Protestant hospital of yr thighs
If you think we will ever have carnal knowledge of eternity
If the dixieland goose step of the volcano in yr midnight is feeling unusually savage tonight
You are almost certainly the girl for me

And when in the darkness of nude zebras
We algebra each other with slap-brained tenderness
And thy numb sweetnesses decode my antelope crossword with pasture
I shall unpack thy little radio with an aerial of prophesy
And fashion the little scissors of thy reception into fountains
I shall unfold the shadow-Bethlehems that lie around us
I shall raise my saddle to thy S bend & say