Ibrahim Thiam

student from Dakar

    Fear to lose my way

    Between sun and snow
    Between surety and loss
    Between past and future
    Between sharing and possessing
    Between smile and calm
    Between rain and sun
    Between dark and light
    Between fear and loneliness
    Between black and white
    Between peep and gape
    Between rhythm and blues
    I fear to lose my way.


Let me tell you about my history.
Three Generations, two Centuries, and one Destiny.
Having trouble to get my direction,
I live with the past while facing the future.
I can no more recognise whether sense nor tense.
To my present world I feel so strange,
that I even follow an innocence dance.
Who can understand one who struggles against Centuries,
Knowing my pain, dealing with my questions.
Lord, I'm not complaining at all, but I'm only looking
for my peers.


    Waking up from a deep sleep
    Vibrating the beat of my heart
    No more swing, no more smile
    No more joy
    The sun is not coming up today
    The stars are losing their light tonight
    The moon, its face.
    Once again, I will be dancing the silence's rhythm

Ibrahim Thiam


Never did the sun of love so appear on my way
But I wonder how my friend dared such a thing
Faith was my strength, and I was so in love
But I wonder again how had he got that in mind
Flying through ignorance, I didn't worry
Even dealing with reality did leave me blind
She and I were steering from the heart, I thought
And you go and lead me to a shipwreck
In an ocean of love
Not a retaliation towards you but an awakening
Forgive, I can forgive you
Forget, I cannot.