George Ellenbogen

poet from Canada / Massachusetts
SoSe 96, SoSe 98, WS 99/2000, SoSe 2002, SoSe 2009

Back again in April 2009!

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In spring my heroes flew
across the comic strips
with blue hair into night;
pages flipped by
my fingers and my doubts.

Spell of color,
blurs of wind,
talons of mountains
redeemded a week

of settled hours.
The rain stretches out in the gutter,
crushes the trapped leaf,
takes the window for
a blackboard
I watch.

I scratch my toes.
    George Ellenbogen

"George Ellenbogen is a traveler. In his poems he explores whole continents, and in rich pictures he weaves places and landscapes with their history, uncovering buried experiences."

From the press release for the new German edition of Ellenbogen's poems, "Winterfischer"
Edition Kappa: Verlag für Kultur und Kommunikation, München, 2002